Features currently in production:


The Coast - (currently in production 2023)

Two strangers meet on a desolate beach in a post-apocalyptic world, but what seems like a chance encounter turns out to be humanity's last hope for salvation.




Back in pre-production after pandemic set-back. Starring Michael C. Williams in his first major role since The Blair Witch Project Check back soon to learn more about Apostate. Alt Variety's exciting new supernatural thriller. 

In 1993, a brilliant, but tortured, teen finds emotional escape from an abusive household through grunge music and drugs. She soon finds that dealing drugs gives her the means to physically escape, but, both come with a high price tag. 

Speed Queen is an original screenplay written by Luke H. Walker in 2005, and the likely inspiration for televisions hit show Breaking Bad.

The Ritual

A young couple is tormented by an evil entity evoked in a childhood ritual. For years they are afflicting by a series of horrifying tragedies, leaving them broken, and seemingly unable to defend against its attachment.

"Earth #977"

The Wake of Dick Johnson